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Dr. Mark Holtschlag DC, DACBN, DCBCN, has been treating patients for more than 35 years. He is the only Advanced Proficiency Rated Activator Doctor in the Tri-State area.
Dr. Mark's son, Clarence Holtschlag DC (Dr. Chip) joined the practice in 2019, He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with honors and is also Advanced Proficiency Rated with the Activator Method.

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Whether you're suffering in pain or interested in starting your journey toward nutritional wellness, you'll be happy you chose Natural Health. We opened our doors years ago with the goal of providing first-rate assistance and compassionate care.

Dr. Mark Holtschlag DC, DACBN, DCBNA, has been treating patients for more than 35 years. 

Dr. Mark and Dr. Chip are the only Advanced Proficiency Rated Activator Doctors in the Tri-State area.

Dr. Mark is a Double Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition and Master Clinician in Nutrition Response Testing, using Standard Process & MediHerb supplements as well as Energetix remedies. 

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Whether you're suffering in pain or interested in starting your journey toward nutritional wellness, you'll be happy you chose Natural Health.

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  • Before coming to Natural Health, I was miserable and looking for hope. Natural Health gave me that hope. I was having hormonal troubles, struggling with my weight, and achy joints. I am 45 and these symptoms developed over the last year. I felt out of control with my body. Now, I feel more in control of my body. Through change of diet and proper supplements, I feel my hormones are coming more into balance. I have more energy and no longer depend on caffeine or energy drinks to get me through the day. I feel full of hope on my journey for optimal health and feel comforted that Natural Health is there to guide me through this. -G.B


  • Before coming in, I had stress issues, weight gain, I was tired/sluggish, and had severe mood swings, PMS, and cramps [around my period]. Now, my stress decreased, I haven't put on any more weight, and my emotions and cramps have decreased just before and during my period. -S.D


  • Symptoms I have been working on with Dr. Mark: I first came to see Dr. Mark for symptoms of weight loss, no energy, anxiety, irritable bloating, etc. I was going to the gym 3x a week and watching what I ate (as I know how) and the scales would not budge. How he has helped me? Dr. Mark has got my body unblocked – taught me how to eat and stay on track in a healthy way – I have lost 40 lbs and learned a new life style to continue on track. How to keep your body healthy by the things you put or don’t’ put in your mouth. What I have learned through this process: The #1 thing I’ve learned is the real healthy way to cook and eat. The difference between medical standpoints and the natural standpoint. How to be on a healthy, real life diet. ALH


  • What was it like before you came to see Dr. Mark? Before seeing Dr. Mark I was miserable. Intense stomach pains, headaches, and completely drained. I’m 26 years old and knew this wasn’t normal. I visited my doctor frequently and was prescribed medicine that did not help. I was sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired! How is it now? The nutrition program has helped tremendously! My stomach pains are nearly nonexistent, headaches are minimal, and I have so much more energy. I feel like a 26 year old should feel! I’m able to focus, I’m eating better, and I feel so much healthier. When others see me taking my supplements it seems they often have questions, so I do my best to educate them on the program and how much it has helped me—which I think is evident by my smile and enthusiasm to be healthy. Thank you Dr. Mark and everyone at Natural Health!

  • What it was like before I came to see Dr. Mark: I used to have headaches 24/7 for well over 3 years. I tried everything. I got every test imaginable. Had MRA, CT Scan, MRI, all the blood work you can have, seen an allergist. No one found anything. Acupuncture didn’t help. How it is now: Now I have lighter headaches to days where I actually have no headaches. I am improving. I still have a ways to go. I look forward to having no more headaches!

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