Activator Technique

The Activator adjusting technique is a way of moving the misaligned and fixated spinal and other bones of the body that are impinging upon nerves leading to lack of normal function, and causing dis-ease. The Activator instrument restores the bone to its normal position quickly and painlessly because of its speed, accuracy, and light touch. Removing this nerve interference allows the innate healing energy of the body to flow to the organs and glands allowing the body to function normally at optimal levels, and alleviating the symptoms of pain from inflammation, which the body produces to ask for help. Watch Dr. Mark above to get a better understanding of the Activator Technique

Zone Technique

In short, the Zone Technique operates on the belief that the body operates like an electrical device. As such, each zone is regulated by a specific center of the brain (formed during the embryonic stage), with each center considered a “positive pole.” There are also “negative poles” which exist in certain areas of the spinal cord according to Zone methodology. So, if a disturbance exists, the brain’s centers can essentially be “shorted out,” causing them to malfunction. Watch Dr. Chip in the video above to get a better understanding of Zone Technique. 


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