"Hey Everyone! I am here to support you in balancing all areas of your life. My Coaching Programs are designed to efficiently and effectively transform your life by first coaching you on the Body, Mind and Heart. These are the foundation in becoming a Hero in your own life.

Once you are on your way to becoming a Hero, it's time to balance out the other areas of your life in joining my Hero Coaching Program. This will take your life to the next level in the direction of becoming a SuperHero to those around you. Those within your
Family, Business, and Community.  

Schedule your FREE Initial Life Coaching Visit today to learn more about my Life Coaching Program and Hero Coaching Program!"

Love you all, Coach Ed

Initial Visit

30 Minutes | FREE

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Life Coaching Program

1 Hour | $75/Visit

Coach Ed is excited to give you his personally designed program to provide you with the guidance to take control of your life, and it all starts with your health. Did you know that Being Healthy is your Natural State of Being? Your body and mind's natural state is being healthy without any dis-ease! This Life Coaching Program will provide you with the knowledge to understand why you're not Naturally Healthy, yet.

In this program, he will be providing education about the Body, Mind, and the Heart with personalized guides as they relate to your health and life. This will be the foundation of the Hero Coaching Program. Take a look at the layout of the program below to positively transform your life. If you are interested, please start by signing up for the Free Initial Life Coaching Visit to discuss further details of the program.

1st Guide | Body

The body's design is remarkable! Many think it's stagnant and never changes, but the body is always repairing itself throughout the day depending on the operations given by the mind. This guide will allow you to understand the fundamentals of how your body is always healing. Knowing this will create a healthy body and allow you to maintain being healthy.

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Body Education
Body Guide
Body Hero Guide

2nd Guide | Mind

The mindset will be the main focus on approaching true transformation in all areas of your life. By giving you the knowledge on how the mind affect your health and life, you will be able to live in your Natural State and Being faster than you think. This guide will point out why there is negativity in your life and how you can create the life that your heart desires.

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Mind Education
Mind Guide
Mind Hero Guide

3rd Guide | Heart

The Heart is a magnificent organ that will blow your mind when you know its true potential with the emotion of Love. This Love we all talk about is powerful as it relates to harmonizing the health of the Body, Mind and your Life! Coach Ed will provide you with the education on the potential of your heart so you can be the Hero to your own story.

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Heart Education
Heart Guide
Heart Hero Guide

Hero Coaching Program

1 Hour | $75/Visit

After you complete the initial Life Coaching Program and are comfortable moving forward in taking your life to the next level. The Hero Coaching Program is ready when you are. This program will take what you have learned and strategically become the Hero with a healthy body, mindset and heart.

From Coach Ed's personal experience, becoming a Hero first will put you in the best position to deliver your best to those around you to shine their best. This is what we call a SuperHero. A SuperHero's love is strong and is exactly what we need in the world today. Helping those in need and coming together to be the change we want to see in the world. When your ready and finished the Life Coaching Program, schedule the next Guide to become a SuperHero.

4th Guide | Hero

The Hero Guide is designed on the foundation of maximizing your Body, Mind, and Heart. Coach Ed will guide you on your daily, weekly, and monthly Hero efforts. Bringing up what you do on a daily basis will positively progress you forward in living your Ideal Life. The success of you achieving your goals faster will make you want to guide those around you to create everlasting transformation in their lives as well.

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Life Coaching Recap
Hero Guide
Daily Guide

5th Guide | SuperHero

A SuperHero is just as it sounds. Becoming a Hero with the Healthy Body, Mind, and Heart and being Super for those around you. When you become a SuperHero you will provide others with the support to positively change their lives. This all starts from your work becoming a Hero and will direct you in balancing all of the relationships in your life.

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SuperHero Guide
Daily Guide

6th Guide | You

Visualize living your Natural State of Being and guiding those around you to do the same. Living your best life as a Hero and SuperHero. This guide will provide you with more guidance and coaching from Coach Ed directing you in making a positive impact in this world in the ways that you can. Separated we are Weak, Together we are Strong.

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Master Hero | SuperHero Guide

Additional Guidance

1 Hour | $75/visit

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