Energy Healing

"Hey! Many of you are probably wondering what Energy Healing is all about. Well once you understand that everything is energy, we can see that the body is just that. Our eyes aren't able to see it, but if you get a magnified view, every cell in your body is vibrating. This is where Energy Healing takes place.

Many of us have negative emotions within the mind that cause stress and vibrates your cells into an incoherence state. This creates dis-ease in your body and life. The results that I have been getting with Energy Healing applies that when the energy in your body is coherent, all 30-50 trillion cells balance themselves creating a healthy body and life. 

Schedule your Initial Energy Healing visit today to learn more about your body's natural ability to heal."

Coach Ed

group of people in gym while exercising

Initial Energy Healing Visit

45 Minutes


Initial Healing

30 Minutes



Energy Healing Visit(s)


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