What Patients Are Saying

Severe headaches, tiredness, insomnia, hot flashes, digestive issues, neck & shoulder pain. My regular physician ordered a CT scan and MRI trying to find the cause of my headaches. All tests came back normal, at which time my physician prescribed meds for migraines, a muscle relaxer and another for insomnia. Before taking these meds I consulted with Dr. Mark.

I started the nutrition program in April of 2011. He put me on a gluten free diet. The headaches became less frequent. Dr. Mark keep peeling away the layers of my health issues, my case became a little challenging at times, but I can now say I have no headaches, my digestive issues have improved. I no longer have neck and shoulder pain. My sleeping pattern has improved, thus I have more energy. Thank you Dr. Mark! S.F.

What was it like before I came to see Dr. Mark

I had a hip injury 9 years ago that I would seek chiropractic help for. Starting there, my adjustments just would not “hold”. Walking my calf muscles would cramp hard & I would have exterior bruises. I would be cold, yet have profuse arm pit sweating; even during intense exercise I would experience my toes and fingers going numb often. I had rapid decline in eyesight, would bruise easily, have receding gums quickly and had dealt with a “trigger” finger for two years. I had that afternoon fatigue each day, headaches that would render me sick if I didn’t sleep and brain “fog”. I also had pain/achiness in my joints that would cause me to almost fall when walking or getting up from a sitting position.

How is it now

Changing my diet, within 6 days I started to see improvement in each area. In 5 months, all my organs tested 50% better. I am 8 months into eating well and feel like a new person!! We are targeting the trigger finger yet & some slight joint ache, yet each and every other symptom is in the past! I also am excited about all the learning our family has taken on. Trying to be healthy, we thought certain foods were really good for us, when in fact; they were actually causing our problems. We are all benefitting from knowing the truth and I am back to the things I enjoy; horseback riding, walking, hiking, biking and mowing all because I am not aching and bruising! Thank you Dr. Mark for your help and insight as our family is truly grateful! (S.W.)

I was exhausted physically. I lacked motivation to do anything. This led to depression which in turn fueled the cycle. I knew I did not want anti-depression medication from conventional medicine, but I had to do something. Having seen the video on nutritional response testing while utilizing Dr. Holtschlag’s chiropractic service, I decided I had an alternative. If NRT did not work for me, then I could seek the more conventional path. I had many doubts about the testing methodology of NRT. Dr. Mark patiently answered my questions in easy to understand language (thank you Dr. Mark). Although Dr. Mark emphasized that NRT was not an overnight cure, my expectation were just that—something fast. I started my program with all my doubts firmly in place. The first week the “black cloud” of depression lifted from my head. That is truly the feeling that was invoked—the lifting of a dark cloud from me. I was shocked, amazed, thankful and motivated to continue one less doubt.

The second awakening came a week or 2 later. Getting off work late at night, I had fallen into the bad habit of making a fast food run—for speed of satisfying my immediate hunger and to avoid the necessity of preparing something at home so late at night. So as I was preparing to leave work a couple of weeks into my program, I was running the list of fast food options through my mind. To my total amazement my body told me I didn’t’ not want any of them!! No, it was not self-control, I have none. Some signal in my brain/body was saying it did not want what I had proposed. I was blown away.

Now, I have had a few fast food meals during my program (yes, Dr. Mark knows) and I am still eating out—but I am trying to make belter choices. I have continued to improve throughout my program, progressing to observation phase within the 12 week time frame…not exactly overnight, but another lesson learned. I had to reassess my unrealistic time expectation and enjoy the little unexpected surprised coming my way. I am in my observation phase and am again motivated to pick up my crafting and gardening. I am expecting to turn into Wonder Woman any day now!!

The program is one of common sense nutrition and healing without disapproval or guilt from bad diet choices. The program is working for me. Thank you all at Natural Health

Before coming in, I had stress issues, weight gain, I was tired/sluggish, and had severe mood swings, PMS, and cramps [around my period]. Now, my stress decreased, I haven't put on any more weight, and my emotions and cramps have decreased just before and during my period. -S.D

What was it like before you came to see us?

Couldn’t sleep, Fatigued all the time. Coughed a lot. Got upset a lot.

How is it now?

Much better on all things. (B. L)

Symptoms I have been working on with Dr. Mark:

I first came to see Dr. Mark for symptoms of weight loss, no energy, anxiety, irritable bloating, etc. I was going to the gym 3x a week and watching what I ate (as I know how) and the scales would not budge.

How he has helped me?

Dr. Mark has got my body unblocked – taught me how to eat and stay on track in a healthy way – I have lost 40 lbs and learned a new life style to continue on track. How to keep your body healthy by the things you put or don’t’ put in your mouth.

What I have learned through this process:

The #1 thing I’ve learned is the real healthy way to cook and eat. The difference between medical standpoints and the natural standpoint. How to be on a healthy, real life diet. ALH ____________________________________________

Before coming to see Dr. Mark I was covered in eczema, a disease I have battled all my life and it was getting worse the older I got. It began to affect more than my skin and I felt fatigued and had GI upset almost every day. I had to see two different dermatologists, an allergist and a holistic MD and the solution was always steroids or allergy shots. I felt hopeless and fed up! I wanted to cure myself not suppress the problem.

I am absolutely on the road to recovery! The eczema on my face has completely vanished and the rest is better than it has been in years! Right away with the first month of seeing Dr. Mark I was able to rid myself of my fatigue and GI problems. Along the way, I have also picked up useful diet tips that have made me feel great; such as giving up gluten and drastically decreasing my white sugar intake! A.G.

Before coming to Dr. Mark, I had pain running through my legs at night which kept me awake and tossing and turning. I had lower back pain into my hips which was really becoming bothersome. My sinuses were constantly giving me trouble (headaches and pain). I had “trigger finger” and I just generally felt like crap. I couldn’t kneel comfortably at all.

Now my leg pain at night is all but gone thankfully. My lower back pain into my hips is very much improved (most days non-existent) My sinuses are greatly improved. The “trigger finger” is gone. I feel so much better overall in general. The kneeling part is improved, however I have a ways to go before it is comfortable. R.W.

What was it like before I came to see Dr. Mark?:

I was tired all the time, couldn’t sleep well. I was bloated. My joints hurt. My sinus was a big problem.

How is it now?:

I have more energy and I sleep great at night. I am no longer bloated. My sinus are greatly improved. (M.M.)

What Was It Like Before I Came to See Dr. Mark?

I was having a lot of pain in my hands – it was so bad I couldn’t sleep. Went to the doctor and they ran test for Lupus, Gout and Arthritis. They said everything was negative but said my immune system was not where it should be. She also said we’ll see you in six months. That is when I went to Dr. Mark.

How Is It Now?

I started the nutrition program with Dr. Mark and in the three months I had no pain and feel more like I did at 40 – I am 69. I’m also off all prescription drugs. (J.T.)

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