What Patients Are Saying

Before coming in, I had stress issues, weight gain, I was tired/sluggish, and had severe mood swings, PMS, and cramps [around my period]. Now, my stress decreased, I haven't put on any more weight, and my emotions and cramps have decreased just before and during my period. -S.D

Symptoms I have been working on with Dr. Mark:

I first came to see Dr. Mark for symptoms of weight loss, no energy, anxiety, irritable bloating, etc. I was going to the gym 3x a week and watching what I ate (as I know how) and the scales would not budge.

How he has helped me?

Dr. Mark has got my body unblocked – taught me how to eat and stay on track in a healthy way – I have lost 40 lbs and learned a new life style to continue on track. How to keep your body healthy by the things you put or don’t’ put in your mouth.

What I have learned through this process:

The #1 thing I’ve learned is the real healthy way to cook and eat. The difference between medical standpoints and the natural standpoint. How to be on a healthy, real life diet. ALH

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