Heart Sound Recorder

The Heart Sound Recorder is a non-diagnostic tool used to measure stress on the heart. It is classified as a "general wellness device," it is not diagnosing disease conditions. We use this technology to measure three distinct functions of your heart:

Rate - How fast your heart is beating.
Rhythm - Your heartbeat's pattern.
Tone - How strong your heart is contracting.

We measure the heart sounds with a special microphone similar to instruments used by scientists to measure earthquakes. This gives us information on how your heart is functioning and if your heart is under stress. The Heart Sound Recorder is looking at the muscular and valvular function of your heart. The Heart Sound Recorder monitors each valve of the heart to determine how nutrition is affecting the physical and electrical system of the heart.

To get the most out of your visit, please watch the video above. After watching the video, select the appropriate Heart Sound Recording below to see
Coach Ed's availability.
See you soon!

Free | 10 Minutes

Initial Heart Sound Recording

Everyone receives one (1) FREE Heart Sound Recording. Free Until March 31st!

$30 | 10 Minutes

Existing Nutrition Patient

Are you an existing nutrition patient with Dr. Mark? Let's see how your heart is doing! This scan will find if your body needs additional heart support. 

$80 | See Below For Details

Heart Sound Recorder Program

This program is for patients that are NOT on a Nutritional Program with Dr. Mark. We will finding the nutrition your heart is telling us with the sounds it is emitting.

This is a 3 heart scan program that is $80 to see how nutrition works with the body!
Here's the program:

Scan 1 & 2 Visit
This visit starts by asking if you have any questions from the video above. Then we will do your first scan. After the first scan, I will be providing you with some nutrition to take from what your scan is telling us.

As the nutrition is supporting you heart, we will scan your heart again at the end of the visit to see how the
nutrition is balancing out your heart sounds. 

At the end of the visit, I will have nutritional recommendations to purchase and take until I see you for your 3rd scan. I prefer scheduling your next scan around 1 week. 

Scan 3 Visit
This visit is simple. We scan your heart again to see the positive changes the nutrition is doing for your heart. 

Additional Visit(s)
$30 visit(s) to continue supporting your heart.

Scan 1 & 2

30 Minutes

Scan 3

10 Minutes

Additional Scan(s)

10 Minutes | $30


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