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Dr. Mark

"Hello to Everyone - I am a Chiropractor / Nutritionist starting practice in 1982. I have raised 4 sons and have 2 grandsons. Being out of mainstream medicine has given me the ability to think clearly, see, and find information on true Natural Health without biases from political or monetary influences. We help patients get truly healthy using their innate ability to do so, and training them to keep themselves healthy and vibrant." 

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Dr. Chip

"I am a Chiropractor who graduated in 2019. I am excited to serving Quincy and the surrounding community. This blog is to help inform you on the many aspects of health and to take back control of your life. My passion is to educate and inspire others so they know that they don't have to be victims to their own lives. I will discuss insights that pertain to principles of health and what steps you can take to live a healthier and happier life. Grateful to all that read this blog and know you will gain a better understanding of true natural health." 

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